One of the biggest challenges parents face is overcoming the boredom that plagues their children. It is often extremely difficult, because people raising children and maintaining a family and home may have forgotten what it is like to be bored. Today we will try to analyze what products for children do not get bored quickly and what to do to make our children play in peace.

Folk wisdom says that children get bored quickly and leave toys scattered around, jumping from one activity to another. Psychological research suggests that in many cases it is not a real boredom with a toy, but a form of inviting people around to join the fun and enrich it. There is no even the best toy for the company of parents, so this is one of those problems that cannot be bought out.

WHAT TOYS ARE NOT BORING FOR CHILDRENNevertheless, there are many situations in which children in the world simply do not know what to do, and their previous activity seems absolutely uninteresting to them. The vast majority of such situations are caused by the wrong choice of products for children by their parents. The child is not guilty of anything that the toy ceases to interest them, so let’s take a look at the toy.

In the first place, it’s best to know what not to do so that you can do what at least isn’t harmful. Children’s disposable products and mechanical or electronic tricks designed to do one interesting thing are the worst possible choice. There is a very simple explanation that shows why parents think that a somersaulting dog seems to be a great companion in the store, and at home, after an hour, he goes to the corner. Well, parents usually come into contact with toys twice in their educational life: buying them at the counter and cleaning the floor after their children play. If we had to play with each toy we bought for an hour, we would quickly separate those that are valuable and those that start boring after five minutes. Unfortunately, we don’t have time for such experiments.

So what products for children are not bored with? Those in which the toy is only an addition to the fun. You need to make the child the main creator of their own entertainment. The most obvious examples are, of course, blocks, dolls and cars. It’s not very revealing, but let’s look at why they don’t get bored? Because the child is playing and not focusing on the toys themselves. The bricks can be used to build a huge fort, a wizard’s tower, a dream house, an elephant with two trumpets or a snake with a garden on its head. A child’s imagination is the basic and inexhaustible engine of fun. Dolls and cars do not exist in a vacuum, they are heroes of the imaginary world of a child. They have their homes, families, jobs, tasks, run away from other toys, chase other toys, do thousands of creative things, and not just are.

Children’s products that require their creativity are a challenge tailored to their abilities. We should not be afraid of the complexity of sets of parts, small electronics, chemists or IT specialists. Children should be allowed to take up the challenge so that they can develop and fight boredom. This is the basic principle that will always allow you to make the right choice.

There are even special programming apps for kids. For example, the free Scratch and Logomotion are programs that will teach smaller and larger children the basics of logical thinking and math, while providing a lot of fun. For decades, children have been learning to count on chestnuts or rowan, they learn the letters of the alphabet through objects that begin their names with the same letters. Programming a turtle path or setting a ginger cat in motion are the methods by which these baby products absorb and teach. It is simply a modern solution to an old problem.

We also cannot ignore children’s electronic games products. It is a gigantic industry that adapts to the needs of every consumer, both the older and experienced, as well as the young ones who are just getting to know the world. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing a computer or console game for a child, with the thought that it will allow the child to have fun and, in addition, expand his knowledge. Such games will include mainly adventure games based on the previously mentioned mechanisms. Putting the protagonist in front of the child, telling him something about him, his mission, what he does, what for and how, and then allowing the child to take an active part in his story.

It is good to remember that some children’s products have been created with the creator’s profit in mind, and not with the real benefit of the child. Therefore, toys should be selected for our children so that they can use them for as long as possible, and not just for a while, and then have to buy a newer, more colorful and flashy one. Only when we understand that our child also has his own mind, imagination and preferences, will we be able to choose a toy that will add something valuable to this set and will stay for longer.